Dr. Valērijs Bodnieks

Researcher at the Center for Geopolitical Studies Riga

Languages: Latvian, English, Russian

E-mail: valerijs.bodnieks@geopolitics.center

Valērijs Bodnieks, Dr.sc.pol., is a researcher at the Center for Geopolitical Studies Riga. He focuses on defense and security issues in the context of the Baltic states. These are defense institutions, legal aspects of defense and security policies, international humanitarian law (law of war), lawfare, as well as the Common Security and Defence Policy of the European Union.   

In 2022, he defended his doctoral dissertation “Transformation of the Cognitive Script of Latvia’s Defence Sector on the Common Security and Defence Policy of the European Union (2004–2020)”. He has also acquired professional and academic MA degrees in law.   

List of publications:  


Bodnieks, V. 2023. Latvijas aizsardzības politika Krievijas kara ietekmē: strauji uz priekšu. In: Latvijas ārējā un drošības politika. Gadagrāmata 2023. Latvijas Ārpolitikas institūts, 56-72. 


Bodnieks, V. 2022. Logic of Appropriateness and Latvia’s Defence Policy in 2019–2021. In: Polityczno-Wojskowe Aspekty Bezpieczenstwa WXXI Wieku. Difin, 103-120.  


Bodnieks, V. 2020. The New Institutionalism: A tool for analysing defence and security institutions.  Security and Defence Quarterly, 84-94.   

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Bodnieks, V. 2020. Latvia’s Contribution to International Missions and Operations: A Way to Achieve Political Goals. Daugavpils Universitātes 62. Starptautiskās zinātniskās konferences rakstu krājums. Daugavpils Universitāte, akadēmiskais apgāds “Saule”, 25-39.    


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