Kaspars GermaniS

Researcher at the Center for Geopolitical Studies Riga

Languages: Latvian, Russian, English, French

Connect on: LinkedIn 

E-mail: kaspars.germanis@geopolitics.center

Kaspars Germanis is a researcher at the Center for Geopolitical Studies in Riga. He has around 20 years long experience in journalism, working both for Latvian and foreign media and focusing on domestic political news, foreign affairs, and economics. He also has been in advisory for more than 10 years, working with projects of various projects or directions, including market research, education and environment protection, and other fields.  

He is interested in international affairs and, in particular, the relationships between Latvia and Baltic states with France and the francophone world.  

Kaspars Germanis has a master's degree in social anthropology.